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Santa Pola

Popular Traditions in Santa Pola

The acts which are celebrated in her houour are presided over by the Virgen de Loreto, from the 1 to the 8 of september.
The first part of the fiesta is the Moors and Cristians.

Their elegant parade, once the arab landing has taken place plus the taking and retaking of Castle, is held on the day 3.
The “Unió de Festers” then taken over the parades, reaching its greatest splendour with the parade of floats and groups.
The official acts cover the floral offering, fireworks, “mascletá” and the Virgen de Loreto in procession on the day 8.
On the day 16 of july the brotherhood of fisherman organises the local party acts it is worth nothing the procession of the Patron Saint of the sea which passes through the port.
As a complement, there is the Floral offering, fireworks, concerts and the “Gran sardinada” by the sea.

On the slopes of Santa Pola cape there es a small hermitage which is the venerated un age of the Virgen del Rosário, es the motiv for which many people go on the peligrimage to that place.
This means a half year and is usually held when there are about 6 months to go September, sports competitions are staged, exhibitions and there are official presentation of the groups of moors and christians and as a closer there are informal procession.

Nature Parks in Santa Pola

Circling the town to the east and north-east rise the slopes of the mountain (sierra) and cape (capo) of Santa Pola, The steep cape was originally the sea bed. This natural environment is not only providing a spectacular landscape but also for its plant and animal life. The bird life is very diverse and abundant, the mammals are best represented by the hares,rabbits,hedgehogs and foxes. The region, together with the Salinas forms an area of natural beauty for the enjoyment and recreation of the community as well as for environmental conservation.